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Chisthony Mercertano
Anthony giving off his trademark rapey vibe.
Anthony giving off his trademark rapey vibe.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Music Nerd
  • Reviewer

None (atheist)



Birth date

October 28th, 1985

Birth place





Listening to Death Grips.

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Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour

Fuckin' BALD

Miley Cyrus made me hate vaginas.

— Anthony Fantano announcing his support for homosexuality.

Anthony Fantoenails, also known as Chris "Best Teeth in the Game" Mercer, is a music critic from Connecticut. He is known on YouTube as theneedledrop. He is a popular YouTuber that is also a fan of Drunken Peasants and has submitted music for the breaks, sent in a question for the Q&A, and even appeared as a guest on the show a few times, the first of which was to discuss Marilyn Manson's new album with TJ in long and excruciating detail.

Anthony has also made a second appearance as a proper guest and not just some music nerd meant to talk about Marylin Manson.

On Drunken Peasants

Q&A Segment

Anthony's first official appearance was in a question video during the Q&A segment for episode 39. During the video, Fantano asked a here he asked a question about cases where atheists are often being stereotyped. The peasants didn't seem to know Fantano was a YouTube personality at this point, as they responded to him like any other pleb.

Guest Appearance

Anthony was first featured as a guest during episode 77. His most notable contribution to the episode was a fairly long winded discussion with TJ about Marilyn Manson's album, 'The Pale Emperor', as well as talking about Manson's other works in what may be the least interesting discussion ever on the show. They also spent a considerable time analyzing Manson's lyrics and what deeper philosophical statements they might have. This left the audience wondering whether there was a hotel room nearby where TJ and him could conduct their obnoxious fanboying elsewhere.

Further Appearances

A video of Anthony appeared in episode 84 where he talked about how he thought Drunken Peasants was a shitty podcast and how Scotty is just a huge piece of garbage. Scotty challenged Fantano to SummerSlam.

An edited interview with Fantano was featured in episode 86.

Fantano appeared in episode 138, during Troll or Not a Troll, where he talked about how Scotty is the BEST Drunken Peasant. He gave flawless argumentation, but despite that, the peasants labeled him as a troll, probably because they were shown to be inferior to the one true peasant. Fantano must have changed his previous opinions on Scotty that he had in the past.

In episode 160 the peasants showed a slanderous totally accurate screenshot where a local news station (reporting on the Chris Harper Mercer shooting) used a photo of Anthony Fantano that identified him as Chris Harper Mercer, which is obviously the case.

In episode 169, Anthony appeared for a full episode, as it was his birthday.

A video of Fantano was played in episode 183, where he talked about how TJ and Tommy Sotomayor were fighting over the internet. He believed that TJ handled the situation wrong. TJ said he was trolling due to his orange beanie.

Fantano was featured in the Troll or Not a Troll segment in episode 199, where he talked about why he was voting for Hillary instead of Bernie. The reasoning was because Hillary has a pussy and Bernie doesn't. The peasants came to the conclusion that he was trolling.

In episode 200, Anthony appeared and gave thanks to all of the people who helped the show survive. He was kicked once he told people not to like the video, but not before being doxed by Paul, who revealed that he is Cal Chuchesta.

Anthony Fantano's (TheNeedleDrop) Question to DP and The Bible Reloaded on Atheism

On The Amazing Atheist

Anthony appeared during TJ's 'QUESTIONS WHITE MEN HAVE FOR SJWs!' video, where he asked 2 questions directed towards SJWs. He also recommended that they drink some bleach.


  • If you look, you can see him in the audience of this Death Grips Concert.
  • Anthony donated his Fantoenails to Filthy Frank's human cake.
  • Anthony co-reviewed Babymetal's second album with Digibro, a popular anime critic. He also featured Digibro on the 42nd episode of his TND Podcast.
  • He resists Capitalism
  • Anthony has a second channel called thatistheplan
  • He is married.[1]
  • He has shown how much he hates Scoopy.
  • Anthony also done a few video collaborations with Creationist Cat.
  • He's a vegan, just in case he hasn't told you already.
  • He has an infinitely more talented roommate named Cal Chuchesta.
  • He always reviews shitty hip-hop and always gives it a 6(maybe 7)/10
  • If he reviews an underground hip-hop record, it's going to be at least an 8 (more likely a 9)
  • His reviews are incredibly boring; he talks about each song and usually he describes them as if they're statues (such as 'sharp sides' or 'angular')
  • He IS Cal Chuchesta.
  • His song "coco (teh drenk)" was featured on a music break once.
  • He has eaten Dinoaur puss.
    Rapthony Squatano.png
  • He once shot nine people and himself at Umpqua Community College, according to the media.
  • Anthony is an avid Tommy Sotomayor viewer.
  • He has been compared to a traffic cone and a jar of Elmer's Glue whenever he has his orange beanie on.

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