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Andy Warski
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Toronto, Canada


Making the same video every other anti-SJW is making.

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Andy Warski

Doing something like this when we all treated you well - like if we had shit all over you in the show, whatever, you say what you want, man. We treated you fairly and kindly.

We invited you on our show because Ben thought you were cool, and you made your little podcast and shit on us.

— Paul during episode 325.[1]

You're wrong hipster Seth Rollins! You're wrong!

— Ben during episode 325.[2]

Andy Warski (informally dubbed Blandy Boreski) is a Canadian YouTuber most notable for contributing to the anti-SJW community in the most unoriginal and lifeless way possible. Despite giving a sub-par take on a topic that has been done to death, he boasts a decent following because uh... Feminism? He has made a guest appearance on Drunken Peasants, though none of the fans can remember such an occurrence happening. While he was a lot more prominent on the show then a lot of other guests, he was received by the fan community by mostly dislike or disinterest due to being very derivative as just a run of the mill YouTuber who makes videos on SJWs and little else. Not long after he appeared on the show, he shit-talked the peasants (notably PaulsEgo) during his own podcast.[3]

On Andy Warski

He has made videos primarily against Social Justice Warriors, going after cucks like Francesca Ramsey, Onision, and Black Hitler. The topic of his content is more mundane than Mundane Matt's Three Buck Theater. He has around 200,000 subscribers and is through some black magic still gaining them, even tho his content is as generic as it gets. Just go watch Bearing, Sargon of Akkad, or any other skeptic YouTuber that strikes your fancy to get the same shpeel from a more charming mouth-hole. The only thing making him different from other anti -SJW is his Asian love-slave, Chris Warski, that somehow has to be in every video even though he doesn't contribute to the conversation at all. He hosts a knockoff of the Drunken Peasants called Warski Live, an entirely unprofessional excuse for a podcast that relies entirely on the guests they can bring on and is consistently weighed down by the blandness of the hosts.

On Drunken Peasants


He made his debut during episode 314, where the peasants also happened to be doing a final episode before starving the manatee. Andy was brought onto the show because Ben in particular is a fan of his content.[4] When they first brought him on, they introduced him and the content of his channel to the fans and got his take on Dusty Smith's antics around the time, with Warski saying he debunks himself in the same sentence. They discussed how fucked up Onision was as well, as he tries to be a creepy advisor to young teenage girls and frequently exploits the women he is with in real life as well. He was shown Troll or Not a Troll, where it was some German guy who claimed to be teaching how to flirt in Klingon and Warski deemed it to be a troll.

They discussed the Democratic Party attempting to start a war with Russia and how Trump was about to move into his presidency, who Warski supported. They then moved into the Indivijul Brett Keane Segment Situation to introduce Warski to Brett and give Keane a final appearance before starvation. Warski concluded that Brett was just "awful". During Crazy People, he was shown a picture of The Vigilant Christian doing yoga in a faggy pose before he was a Christian, prompting Warski to talk about his own time when he was once very religious, and became an atheist thanks to TJ. They later had Warski call Paul a piece of shit for insinuating Wild Bill might be a racist. They then saw a video of Jim Bakker shilling to a bunch of dinosaurs likes always. They ended on Feminist Slam Poetry and thanked Andy for appearing on the show, having him shill his shit before the episode ended.

Talking Shit

On episode 325, they played a section of another podcast nobody gives a shit about where Andy Warski talked shit about DP. He blamed the Drunken Peasants format and using Skype for his lack of a presence throughout the episode and also claimed the same happened to Bearing and Blaire White, even though the former had a strong presence on the show. They criticized Warski for not being clear with the Peasants about his grievances over the show and being unable to assert himself more, though they admitted their internet sucks and they could accommodate guests a bit better. He also complained about the live chat being mean, despite them saying the same thing to everyone. He seemed to share the same grievance against Paul that every other Subreddit user has like him talking over everyone and ruining the show. While he formerly claimed to have been a big fan of the show, he doesn't know who Brett Keane is.[5] In the end, Warski said he would never appear on the show again because he is a simpering pussy that can't defend himself live.[6]



— Andy Warski in every video

I'm a fan of the show.

— Before going on the show.

I don't know who this Brett Keane guy is.

— After going on.

Get yo immigrant ass out.

— Andy Warsky

This channel is pretty much like I'm opening new dumpsters.

— Andy in "Unboxing the Election and Failing"


  • He is keeping an Asian male captive to score minority points for his videos
  • He made a video about Trump's victory, in which AIU made a 50 minute response video to him.
  • AIU used to like him until he said he preferred Trump to Hillary. What a surprise.
  • He smokes pan.
  • He was the first guest ever to get offended by TJ poking fun at them at the very start of the show.[7]
  • Andy Warski was sweating during his appearance.[8]
  • He wanted Donald Trump to win the 2016 Presidential Election.[9]
  • He was once devoutly religious but is now an atheist thanks in part to TJ's videos.[10]
  • His secret identity is Andy Warhol.
  • Drunken Fancy kept forgetting that Warski was in episode 314 while making this page.