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I'm the Amazing Atheist and there's a documentary about me. It's called "Amazing". It looks like this. It's sexually attractive to you. You should probably buy it. It's very inexpensive.
— TJ
Amazing is a 2011 documentary film directed by Cody Weber about the day-to-day life of TJ Kirk, also known on YouTube as The Amazing Atheist. TJ sold copies of the film on DVD for a limited period of time in 2011, although it can now be found on YouTube uploaded by other users.[1]

The documentary features several people who are/were important parts of TJ's life. They mostly talk about TJ exclusively and most of the commentary deals with TJ's early life and his YouTube channel. Other important events such as TJ's partnership with Cody Weber and the death of TJ's father are also covered. Despite not covering the Drunken Peasants, TJ's friendship with Ben and life in Ohio (this being made several years prior), Amazing is still a powerful and informative documentary about TJ himself and anyone who disagrees should be beaten with live swordfish and pissed on by a cow.


Considering the amount of change in TJ's life between 2011 and now a potential sequel is warranted. A sequel would likely focus primarily on the founding of the Drunken Peasants, though it could also allow for TJ to discuss his falling out with Cody, his life in Ohio and Washington, his friendship with Ben, the development of himself as a person and the development of his channel. When this page was read during the Information Segment for episode 285, TJ discussed the potential for a sequel after reading t (Despite this, there has been no official plans or mention of an actual sequel. This is just a fan's wet dream and most likely won't happen anywhere in the near future considering TJ no longer has a professional filmmaker for a friend.)

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