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In all his gaming glory.
In all his gaming glory.
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  • YouTuber
  • Ranter
  • Gaming Pundit

None (atheist)



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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


We're never entirely sure, but we've narrowed it down to, Gaming, Headbanging, or Laughing at retarded arguments, being the most likely things he's doing.

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Nerds, nerdettes, and gamers! Game the fuck on!

— Alpha's catchphrase on his channel

AlphaOmegaSin (real name: Bill Arensberg[1]) is an American YouTuber from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a channel based mostly on covering video games news as well as occasionally comic books and metal.


He is one of the most outspoken critics of Anita Sarkeesian, saying she is not a feminist, and makes real feminists look bad. Other videos that Alpha does include Reviews, Let's Plays, Trailer Reactions (usually superhero films, or video games), and Unboxing videos.

On Drunken Peasants

AlphaOmegaSin & Anita Sarkeesian Make Up & Become Friends

A group of fans got Ben to notice that they wanted Alpha on the podcast, none of the peasants had heard of him but they said they would look into it, TJ just a few days later showed a clip from Alpha's channel on his own Amazing Atheist channel.

Not too long after TJ's video it was revealed that TJ lost his virginity to Alpha, but more importantly, that he would be a guest on the show, and he appeared on episode 62. He was well received by fans, scoring pretty high in the guest poll for a two time guest.

Alpha returned in episode 145, only to get covered in ԀP semen and to experience the most obnoxious subhuman cuntbucket to ever live. He appeared on camera live this time.

He would later appear again on episode 206.

Vs. Anita

AlphaOmegaSin is an outspoken critic of Anita Sarkeesian, to the point where Sarkeesian eventually called out Alpha on Twitter, along with MrRepzion, Thunderf00t, and Keemstar from #DramaAlert, and he swiftly made a response video, proving once again that, Anita doesn't have a fucking clue what she's talking about.

He once made a video claiming he had became friends with Anita, claiming they went on an adventure in a zombie filled mansion, made Meth together, moved to a pineapple under the sea, while she moved in next door, became the defenders of Gotham together, Became a writer, while she became his lawyer and they went on a drug fueled road trip However, this was merely an April Fool's day joke, that resulted in Alpha Drinking himself into a coma.


The pelvic thrust that drives you nuts!

— AlphaOmegaSin pretending to be a feminist during Episode 145.

People don't need guns to kill a lot of people, the gun doesn't commit the crime, the one using it for evil does.

— Alpha's take on gun control.

Hope the fucker likes getting 12 inch subs through the back door cause he's gonna be eating fresh for quite a long time behind walls.

— Alpha's take on Jared Fogle.


  • Claims he has never shaved his facial hair fully since it first started growing in 12th grade, instead opting to use scissors to trim it. He also shampoos and conditions it.
  • He announced his real name in a 2013 Q&A he did. (check references below.)
  • He believes that people who don't like things, should just leave them for people who do like them, and stop trying to ban them. *cough* SJWs are scum *cough*
  • He's shorter than we expected.
  • He is of Irish ancestry, which he he is rightfully proud of and will flaunt every chance he gets.
  • He started his channel back in 2007.
  • He has worked a long time in Retail and is a former GameStop employee.
  • He is a member of another podcast: The Hate-Bit Podcast, with Razorfist who was also a guest on ԀP.
  • He's an avid Heavy Metal fan his favourite bands include: Death, Pantera and Slayer.
  • He is a father and enjoys sharing his hobbies of gaming and comic books with his son.
    • In general, he is very protective of all children, and sees no problem with murder being used to punish anyone who hurts them.[2] He is correct in this way of thinking.
  • Unlike his evil twin, Razorfist, Alpha is a huge anime nerd and loves the shitty franchise known as Final Fantasy.
  • You may be manly, but you'll probably never be as manly as he is.
  • You can say what ever you want about Alpha. He really doesn't give a fuck about your opinions when they are based in ignorance. (for instance, he supports your right to believe Metal is not the greatest form of music, even though he knows you are objectively wrong.)
    • Because of this, unlike Anita Sarkeesian, Alpha doesn't care about criticism, because he knows that "criticisms" levied at him are based on stupid, trivial bullshit that really doesn't matter, and all rely on twisting the meanings of words. And since Alpha is a perfect human being, who cares only for truth and fact, no-one with a functioning brain would criticize him.
  • Little known fact, he is actually the one who built the Wicker Man that Nicolas Cage was burned in. His intent was to kill Cage for remaking a movie that had inspired Iron Maiden's song "The Wicker Man" He failed and continues to try and eliminate Cage to this day.
  • He can admit that he is wrong, or so we believe. He's never actually been wrong, so has never had to admit it. It is currently unknown if he is capable of being wrong.
  • Alpha thinks you're fantastic just the way you are. Unless you're someone trying to control others or the content they can view, a liar, a con artist, a thief, an asshole, an extremist (of any kind) or an idiot, in which case he thinks you either need to educate yourself or just fuck off.
  • He has a subreddit.
  • He has some T-Shirts on sale.
  • He didn't take his medication.

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