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Adam Kokesh
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None (atheist)

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San Francisco (FaggotVille)




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Adam Kokesh (born February 1, 1982) is an American talk show host, libertarian activist, anti-war activist, and author of FREEDOM!. Adam is an Iraq War veteran, but is very against the government, usually taking an anarcho-capitalist view on most topics. TJ and Adam previously had a moderated debate back in September 2012.[1] Despite having obvious ideological differences, the two are currently on decent terms.


He has a YouTube channel, where he mainly does videos that are political in nature. He also has a talk show called Adam Vs. The Man. In fact, he's a very political person, having been arrested for several acts of activism and blatant defiance of the law. Despite his criminal record, he is actually a non-violent, well-mannered individual who is also quite intelligent to boot.

Despite often being classified as an anarchist, he does not fit the traditional definition of this term. He identifies as a libertarian voluntaryist, meaning that he believes all human interaction should be voluntary. During episode 279, the peasants mentioned that Kokesh is running for office in 2020 and plans to dismantle the entire federal government in four years.[2]

On Drunken Peasants

Adam Kokesh was first mentioned during episode 85, in which the peasants commented on a video of his mic being cut when he began to say disagreeable things while on some radio talk show. Adam Kokesh got into a long-winded rant over the dishonesty behind the movie American Sniper, who he claims is glorifying a psychopathic murderer. Kokesh's analysis was the only value to be found during the whole panel, so the peasants had to skip around to the good parts.

He had an informal debate with TJ during the course of episode 87. He was mostly friendly with the peasants, but a lot of his points are overly simplistic.

Trivia Adam's Arrests

  • He has been arrested many times for various acts of civil disobedience. He even had his house raided once. [3]
  • Adam got arrested for loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza. [4]
  • He was arrested at a Pro Pan Rally for allegedly assaulting, resisting, opposing, and impeding Federal Fucktards (cops). [5]
  • He was arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.
  • He was arrested for protesting the Iraq War in 2007. [6]
  • Adam was detained by cops for heckling McCain's acceptance speech. [7]
  • It seems the Park Police in D.C. have some kind of vendetta against him. He has been brought up on several charges of Pan possession and several gun charges and has even been called a "very dangerous man" despite him being a non-violent person.
  • He got arrested AGAIN in July 2014 for possession of mushrooms. [8]
  • He hates Dragon Ball Z, which makes him a faggot. He hasn't actually been arrested for this, but he probably should be.

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